Haber Arşivi

Haber Arşivi

    2016 standının gözdesi ABD dışında ilke kez sergilenen yeni, ince piksel aralıklı (NPP) direkt LED ekran. Yeni ekran tamamen komuta kontrol uygulamaları için tescilli LED görüntüleme teknolojilerini kullanan Mitsubishi Electric’in kendisi tarafından Japonya’da geliştirildi.

    İlk Kontrol Odası Teknoloji Çalıştayımız- Mitsubishi Electric, Adder, Mauell ve Saifor ile birlikte dün Varşova, Polonya’da başladı. Birçok farklı endüstri kolundan katılımcılara modern kontrol odası teknolojisi ve tasarımı hakkında kapsamlı bir genel bakış rehberliği yapılıyor. 

    Data visualisation turns up in some surprising places. Modern trawlers utilise very sophisticated navigation and fish-finding technologies that require equally sophisticated solutions.

    International industrial exhibition INNOPROM 2016 started in Yekaterinburg  on 11th of  July  at the exhibition center IEC"EKATERINBURG-EXPO". Leading manufacturers and suppliers from nearly 70 countries present equipment and technologies for industrial development. 

    If you are looking for a videowall display, one of the first decisions you’ll need to make is what display technology to use.

    The explosion of IP-enabled cameras and data sensors means that traffic management professionals are forced to deal with ever-increasing volumes of data, and so the need for visualisation is greater than it has ever been. 

    TOKYO, July 28, 2015 – Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it would install five Diamond Vision extra-large, extra-brilliant screens at QVC Marine Field stadium in Chiba, Japan for use beginning in the March 2016 Japanese professional baseball preseason.

    Although most visitors to ISE will instantly recognise Mitsubishi Electric as one of the must-see display manufacturers, Mitsubishi’s video walls are of course just one aspect of a very much bigger global engineering enterprise that spans everything from microelectronics to the robotic space vehicles that supply the International Space Station.